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To train well in easyaccounts software, view/download below video and watch.

General Videos
1. How to Create a User?
2. How to set rights to a particular user?
3. Unit Master - How to create a new unit?
4. What is Difference between Single Unit and Multiple Unit?
5. What are in General Settings?
6. How to take Back-up & Restore data?
7. How to Create New Budget?
8. Compare a Budget and Real Entries
9. How to use Cost Centre?
10. How to Export data to Microsoft Excel in all entry screens?

Calendar Schedule & Reminder Videos
1. How to create a New Calendar?
2. How to Create a New Schedule?
3. How to User Schedule Manager?

Company Videos
1. How to create New Company?
2. How to Open a Company?
3. How to Delete a Company Or Particular year of a Company?
4. What is Quick Start?
5. What are in Company Settings?
6. Company General Settings - Explain?
7. Company Accounts Settings - Explain?
8. Company Inventory Settings - Explain?
9. Company VAT & CST Settings - Explain?
10. Company Service Tax - Explain?
11. Company TDS/TCS Settings - Explain?
12. Company Excise Settings - Explain?
13. Company FBT Settings - Explain?
14. Company Payroll Settings - Explain?
15. How to create Next Financial Year?
16. How to Update Previous Financial Year date to Current Accounting Year?
17. How to Change Default Entry Date?

Stock Items Videos
1. How to create a New Trading/Service Item?
2. Explain what is Duty Type in New Item Screen?
3. What is Kit Item - Explain?
4. Daily Kit Production Entry
5. How to a Manufacturing/Assembling Item in Item Master?
6. What Price List - Explain?
7. How to use Price List in Sales Bill?
8. Automatically bring Item Price in Sales Bill - Three type of options
9. View Stock Ledger
10. How to use Item Stock Tracking to know a particular Item usage history?
11. View Stock Re-Order/Purchase alert Qty
12. How to change All Stock Items Opening?
13. What is Inventory Voucher Type?
14. How to control Item list in every screen?
15. How to restrict Item display List in every screen?
16. How to change all Items Purchase/Sales Price in One screen?

Godown/Warehouse Related Videos
1. How to create a New Godown/Warehouse?
2. How to transfer Stock Items to another Godown/Warehouse?
3. View Godown/Warehouse Stock summary

Accounts Videos
1. View Ledger monthly break-up view