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Dealers Required All Over India
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Inventory Management System

o Trading/Manufacturing/Job Work/Contract - Any firm NO PROBLEM
o Very Lowest Price
o Easy Data Entry Method
o Suitable for Small Scale Industries
o Purely developed for Inventory Purpose. Purchase, Sales, Billing and 
     Stock maintenance

General Features

o Multi-Company Handling
o Separate Entry for each Company
o Customized User Rights for each Screen
o LAN Enabled - You can use at any number of Computers
o Online support
o Back - up facility

Trading Company Features

o Item Master
o Any Range of Customer/Supplier Creation
o Purchase Stock Alert at Application Start-up
o Supplierwise Item Price handling
o Customerwise Item Price handling
o Purchase Order in your letter head
o VAT/CST enabled Purchase/Sales Bill Entry
o Customer Quotation/Purchase Order Print in your letter head
o Billwise Discount in Purchase Bill
o Delivery Challan print in your DC Bool
o Retail Cash Bill print for Retail shop
o Item/Billwise Discount in Sales Bill
o DC bases Sales Bill Preparation
o Purchase/Sales Return Entry
o Payment/Receipt Entry
o Credit/Debit Note Entry

Manufacturing/Contract/Jobwork Company Features

o Material Inward Entry
o Party Order / Job work / Contract Order Entry
o Order wise Item Selection in Sales Bill
o Finished Item Master
o Datewise Raw Material Usage Entry
o Datewise Finished Product Inward
o Orderwise Raw material usage
o Orderwise Finished Product Entry
o Contractor Order / Payment Entry
o Formula / Cost Estimation for any number of product

Salary Structure

o Employee Master Entry
o Daily Attendance
o Advance Payment entry in middle of Week/Month
o Day/Week/Monthly based Salary Payment Entry
o Pre-Salary Report - Mose Useful for Salary Budget
o Sales Executive Incentive Report


o Supplier/Itemwise Date to Date Purchase Reports
o Credit/Cash based Purchase Bill Reports
o Customer/Itemwise Date to Date Sales Reports
o Purchase/Sales Return Reports
o Orderwise Sales Reports
o Credit/Cash based Sales Reports
o Datewise Total Sales Report
o Date to Date material Movement Chart
o Current Stock Report
o Customer/Itemwise Date to Date DC Reports
o Pending DC Reports
o Raw material Usage Reports
o Finished Product inward Reports
o Orderwise raw material usage Reports
o Datewise Sales Executive Reports
o Datewise Payment/Receipt Report
o All Party Outstanding
o Pre/Post Salary paid Report
o Worker typewise Salary Paid Report
o Date wise Profit gained Report

Accounts Reports

o Daybook View & Print
o Party Ledger View & Print
o Bank Statement View & Print
o Monthly VAT/CST Auditor Report
o Credit/Debit Note Reports
Inventory Management System Main Screen
Inventory Management System Sales Bill
Item Master
Accounts Reports Menu
Daily Employee Attendance
Cash Bill
Contractor Order Form
Contract Payment Expense
Cost Estimation Screen